Friday, February 25, 2011

Vampire Book Review ~ Mean & Massive's review of Angel of Vengeance

Mean and Massive has published a positive book review for Trevor's novel on their website!

Angel of Vengeance Book Released

Titan Books, a publishing house dedicated to books that were made into TV series or Films, brings us Angel Of Vengeance, the vampire story that inspired the TV series Moonlight (CBS).

Angel Of Vengeance, written by Trevor Munson, tells the story of private investigator and vampire Mick Angel. He is hired by a beautiful burlesque dancer to find her missing teenage sister, and must fight his lust, his hunger, and his past in order to complete the mission.

The plot is exciting, full of twists and turns. But the best part is the way this story is told -it is very visual, and moves heavy like an old tired vampire. If you are new to vampire stories, this one will be a good place to start, as Mick tells us all there is to know about vampires. How they eat, how they sleep, when can they attack and what blocks them. Being a vampire is like working with a sophisticated machine, and even Mick discovers new things about himself as he goes.

Munson surely wrote the book already with the screen in mind, and it’s read like a screenplay – precise action scenes, clear thoughts, dialogue when necessary. This noir-vampire story was a pleasure to read, and in many ways it is much better than the TV series that followed.

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