Sunday, February 27, 2011

FUNNY VAMPIRE Tattoo & Humor Photos, Ha Ha!

Check out this hilarious assortment of Vampire-Related Humor! Look at this "Dracula Hello Kitty" tattoo. You know YOU want it! This photo was sent in to us by our friend Brenda. She said she's been searching for tattoo ideas forever.

OK, the 2nd pic is pretty funny and it's actually a T-Shirt design. It shows 2 Vampires, at the Office, chatting about business around the water cooler... a water cooler filled with blood!

The last photo is my favorite. It is funny, but I really wanted to share it was because, besides being a great Halloween Costume, Count Chocula brings back a lot of fond childhood memories.

One last thing, have YOU seen any comic strips or funny pictures that revolve around Vampires ? If so, then please share some today. Our "Send us eMail" button is always posted on this page.

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